MyWallSt 'Wrapped'

MyWallSt 'Wrapped'

Howdy folks and happy New Year's Eve!

To celebrate 2021, we've crunched the numbers and compiled our very own MyWallSt 'Wrapped', bringing you the top analysis accessed across all of our different categories. 

We hope you enjoy it. 


2021's Favorite Stock of the Month

2021's Most Popular New Stock Addition

2021's Most Listened To Stock of the Month Podcast

2021's Most Read Daily Insights

  1. The Number 1 Book You Need To Read This Year

  2. What Is Options Trading and Why Is It All Over TikTok?

  3. The Importance of Optionality

  4. It's Time To Discuss 'Chipageddon'

  5. The Rule of 40

2021's Most Read First Looks

  1. Affirm Holdings

  2. Roblox

  3. Bumble Inc.

  4. AppHarvest

  5. UiPath

2021's Most Popular Stock Updates

  1. iRobot

  2. Zillow

  3. Tesla

  4. Howard Hughes Corp & ROIC

  5. Teladoc

2021's Most Popular Headlines

  1. Get Ready For Earnings

  2. Microsoft Enters The Car Market

  3. Tesla Shares Run Out Of Battery

  4. Buffett’s Second Has His Say

  5. Peloton Earnings Pedal To The Moon

2021's Most Viewed Stocks

  1. Shopify (SHOP)

  2. Tesla (TSLA)

  3. Cloudflare (NET)

  4. The Trade Desk (TTD)

  5. RH (RH)

2021's Most Watchlisted Stocks

  1. Apple (AAPL)

  2. Tesla (TSLA)

  3. Amazon (AMZN)

  4. Netflix (NFLX)

  5. S&P 500 (VOO)

2021's Most Popular Search Terms

  1. "stone" — Given all its recent volatility, we're gonna' guess this means StoneCo (STNE)

  2. "rivian" — Easy, we've got a podcast for this one

  3. "tesla" — Just a wild guess, but maybe Tesla (TSLA)

  4. "docu" — This might be down to DocuSign's recent dips

  5. "dwac” — We've got no analysis of that I'm afraid...


Well, that's it for our MyWallSt Wrapped 2021, and thank you for being part of our ever-growing and always investing family. From all of us here at MyWallSt, we'd like to wish you a very happy New Year, and an extremely successful 2022.