A MyWallSt Holiday Message

A MyWallSt Holiday Message

All year round we focus on what’s happening in the stock market; who’s buying what? When should I buy X stock? Who is the next Tesla?

Following the market can be very taxing if you’re as committed to it as we are. We know all the ins and outs and we also know just how important it is to take a step back from time to time. 

With the stock market closing early today, take this opportunity to enjoy some downtime away from the charts and figures to reflect on your year as an investor. 

We have some analysis coming too that might just help with that. Next week, be sure to check MyWallSt for:

  • A write-up on the top documentaries you should make time to enjoy

  • A fun look at the state of social media

  • The best books our analysts have read this year

  • How to drop your biases

  • And a look back at MyWallSt’s 2021

But for now, enjoy the holiday weekend, and we’ll see you all soon.