Create long-term wealth with Horizon

Create long-term wealth with Horizon

Don't miss out on a once-in-a-generation buying opportunity.

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Two and a half years ago, I launched Horizon, my professional life’s most important project. More than just another follow-me service, Horizon was a brand-new portfolio funded exclusively with my family’s savings and pension. This was my real-life all-in wealth creation plan.

I set an audacious goal: 21% average compounded returns for the next twelve years, or 10x in 12 years. No other service I know of has achieved these gains, nor has gone out on a limb to claim they are possible; however, I had a 25-year track history and temperament to set Horizon apart from everything else.

Several months post-launch, we were flying.

Growth stocks were on fire and the Horizon portfolio value was up almost 100% versus the S&P 500’s 20% gain. Then, in spring 2020, almost overnight, the universal new way of living abruptly arrived.

Virtually every company listed on the stock market either became a casualty or beneficiary of working-from-home. Zoom, Peloton, DocuSign and many others exploded to new highs, while in-person businesses such as Shake Shack, Planet Fitness and Airbnb got hammered. Stock portfolios worldwide were re-built on this new norm, and the investing good times kept rolling…

Only for the winds to change, once again.

In recent months, stay-at-home stocks have been dumped, while out-and-about businesses are back in favour, relatively speaking. Added to this, the real impact of inflation and the threat of more to come has investors spooked. Altogether, the Horizon portfolio has fallen from its highs and is down almost 50%, a far cry from the 10x gains that I fully intend on achieving.

But here’s the thing. I’m not worried.

In fact, I am convinced that we have a once-in-a-generation buying opportunity in the twelve months ahead.

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These are the earliest days of this portfolio’s life and generational opportunities are now staring at us. If you’re going to deal with a major downturn, you want it in the springtime of your investing horizon. I believe in the companies that are already in the Horizon portfolio and will be reinvesting in many of them again in the near future.

With Horizon, I video-pitch my favourite potential investments and document all my actual investments. More importantly, I invest a new $4,000 every month.

This implies that over the next two years, I will deploy almost $100,000 into businesses positioned to dominate their market — at a time when everyone else is fleeing. This approach takes grit, spirit and resilience, however, I believe these will be among the best investments of my life.

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Join Horizon today, where you will receive:

► Monthly video pitches and exec summaries of the stocks I’m watching.
► Monthly buy alerts of all my investments before I make them - including the occasional Wild Card, which is a stock too high on the risk-reward scale to merit an official pitch.
► Sell alerts when they happen Access to our members’ community.
Eyes on Horizon, my weekly email deep-dive on all my investments.
Spotlight, my monthly live video conference with members.
► Video updates during wild market swings.

This Thursday, I will pitch one of the most certain potential long-term winners I’ve seen.

This company is founder-led, unheard of by 99.9% of people, covered by only a handful of Wall Street analysts, is capital-efficient, pumps out cash and has an almost unmatched formula for growth.

I’m looking forward to pitching it most especially because I’m looking forward to owning it.

But only members of Horizon will see this pitch. Which you can join today with a special 25% discount.

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We’ve been through downturns and market swings in the past. It’s easy to get spooked and want to cut stocks loose. That’s why we focus so much on long-term thinking at MyWallSt. Because it’s during times like these where investing superheroes are born.

Become an investing superhero with Horizon 

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