Comment Update: Nordstrom

Comment Update: Nordstrom

Morning folks, 

Before we launch into today’s Insight, a quick note regarding Tuesday’s piece on Tesla and price targets. This morning UBS updated their opinion on the electric vehicle manufacturer. Though the team led by Patrick Hummel still consider Tesla a “sell”, they have raised their price target from $160 to $410 — a 156% increase. It is currently sitting at $577. Now why anyone would listen to them is another matter entirely. 


Retail is an industry we don’t really talk about much. It’s all very old world. Why would you invest in retail when there are companies out there with self-driving cars and artificial intelligence? That’s far more exciting. 

However, exciting doesn’t always mean a good investment. With that in mind, we’ve updated our comments on Nordstrom. You can check them out by clicking on the icon below.


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