Monday’s Headlines: Amazon Placed In Presidential Crosshairs Once Again

Monday’s Headlines: Amazon Placed In Presidential Crosshairs Once Again

1. The Trump administration is cracking down on the sale of counterfeits online from platforms like Amazon, according to a new report released Friday by the Department of Homeland Security. The initiative comes after President Donald Trump signed a “phase one” trade deal with China that requires both countries to “combat the prevalence of counterfeit or pirated goods” by taking “effective action” when platforms fail to prevent intellectual property infringement. The move comes in the midst of Amazon’s protest of a defense contract given by the Pentagon to Microsoft, which Jeff Bezos’ claimed to be in favoritism. Read the full report here.

2. Senator Edward Markey wants Tesla to rebrand and add safeguards to its cars’ Autopilot feature. Markey, a member of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, released his recommendations on Friday stating that the Autopilot feature was flawed, but having worked closely with Tesla, he believes its dangers can be overcome. Autopilot enables Tesla vehicles to steer, accelerate and brake automatically within their lanes, and move into different lanes, while many users have formed a mistaken overreliance on the system, believing it to be completely autonomous. Tesla has not responded to the statement. Read the complete report here.

3. Apple and Microsoft will each be sending a representative to a meeting today hosted by a group that’s supporting efforts by the Department of Health and Human Services to make it easier for patients to access and share their medical information. They’ll be meeting as part of an effort to push through a rule change proposed by HHS in 2019 to promote medical data interoperability, while Big Tech’s inclusion is significant as they have remained largely silent on the topic as of late. Other attendees on the list include representatives from Walgreens, Humana, Blue Shield of California and a number of start-up groups, patient advocates and caregiver advocates. Get the full story here.


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