Comment Updates: Intuit, ServiceNow, and DataDog

Comment Updates: Intuit, ServiceNow, and DataDog

The MyWallSt analyst team is constantly monitoring the stocks on our shortlist and reassessing our investment theses.

Over the past few days, we’ve updated our comments on the following companies:



Regardless of how the economy is doing, businesses and individuals still need to pay their taxes. For nearly 30 years Intuit has been helping them do that, with software like TurboTax and Quickbooks. Intuit’s reputation for reliability and its ability to integrate with other accounting applications, means its the number one choice for taxpayers — particularly as getting it wrong can land you in legal trouble.

However, Intuit is also well embedded in the world of personal finance. Its Mint application helps individuals and businesses budget better, tracking credit cards, current accounts, and loan repayments with ease. And several years ago, Intuit acquired Credit Karma, which helps customers navigate their creditworthiness — an important consideration when interest rates are rising.

Looking back over their long-term chart, Intuit is one of those businesses that investors rarely get to pick up at a discount. Currently trading at about 40% below its all time-highs, this could be a great opportunity to add a lesser-known bedrock stock to your portfolio. Intuit also pays a regular dividend at a sustainable payout ratio.

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Enterprise software is a good place to stick your money in times of economic uncertainty. Solutions like ServiceNow help businesses to run more efficiently and cut down on costs — all of which are a top priority for managers when times are tough.

ServiceNow’s solutions started out as a way to automate simple workflows within IT service management, but has rapidly expanded functionality into operations management, security, customer service, and even human resources. They’ve been so successful that 80% of the Fortune 500 are now customers, 75% subscribe to more than one product, and they have a 99% retention rate.

ServiceNow’s management are so confident in their ability to grow through a potential downturn, that they recently increased their 2026 revenue targets by $1 billion and predicted healthier margins.

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The vast majority of businesses want to be data-driven, but how to turn that data into profits is far from clear. Data has to be collected, it has to be stored (a bigger issue than you might imagine), it has to be analyzed — and even then, you’re only getting started. There’s a lot of it and it's noisy. Every hypothesis has to be tested and iterated upon, and even when you have the best, highest-paid data scientists in the world, data still sends you down the wrong path again and again.

DataDog began life 12 years ago with the goal of building a real-time unified data platform. A single product that everyone within an organization could plug into — turning tsunamis of raw data into manageable sets that could be stored, organized, and actioned on. DataDog’s product allows companies to see what’s happening to their tech stack in real-time, which means they can react in time to prevent major outages, optimize performance, and even detect and prevent security threats.

DataDog is another one of those stocks that I feel has been punished for no good reason in a broader market selloff. This is a premium company with premium clients that delivers mission-critical functionality. I suspect we’ll not see many better opportunities to pick up shares in this long-term winner.

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