Everything You Need To Know For Earnings Season

Everything You Need To Know For Earnings Season

It's hard to believe that earnings season has rolled around once again. With the big banks reporting last week and the likes of Netflix (NFLX) reporting this week, we're going to start seeing a flood of companies from the MyWallSt shortlist publishing their quarterly (and, in some cases, yearly) financial performances over the next month or so. We're long-term investors here at MyWallSt, and as such, we try not to put too much emphasis on this twelve-week hamster wheel. In most cases, the information presented by management has very little real impact on our long-term theses and can only serve to distract you if you're not careful.

That said, a stellar report like we saw from Netflix on Tuesday evening (which caused the stock to jump close to 20% the next day) shows that it's important not to completely ignore these events either. This is our chance to take a temperature check on our investments and it would be wise not to waste that.

We're aware that these earnings reports can look extremely intimidating to the uninitiated, so to help you out, check out these two articles we've previously written on the subject:

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