2 Stocks That Could Benefit From The “Great Resignation”

2 Stocks That Could Benefit From The “Great Resignation”

People are leaving their employers at a rate unheard of before, but as they search for more suitable opportunities, who is set to benefit?

The “Great Resignation” has been taking up more and more media headlines as we continue into 2022. People have been leaving their jobs at an unprecedented rate. Estimates show close to 75.5 million people in the United States have left their jobs last year alone, and predictions for 2022 expect 23% of the workforce to seek new opportunities over the course of the year.

People have come to realize that jobs now no longer need to revolve around an office. Remote work and flexible opportunities are not just perks anymore – they’re expected.

With droves of people now seeking employment opportunities that better suit their needs, we picked two companies that could benefit from this massive shift in the world of work.


With in-office work slowly becoming a relic of the past for many firms, Airbnb (NASDAQ: ABNB) looks set to profit massively from this seismic shift towards digital working. In its last earnings report, Airbnb posted its strongest ever quarter and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down,

Just last week, CEO Brian Chesky took to Twitter to outline some interesting trends from Airbnb’s latest bookings:

“In the past year, 100,000 Airbnb guests booked stays of 3 months or longer.”

Workers are much more likely to be afforded the chance to be digital nomads as flexible working becomes more normalized. Stays on Airbnb’s platform are lengthening as people begin to pick and choose where they want to work from. This could potentially begin to decentralize workers from the typical business hubs and spread them out across the globe. 

Airbnb gives these people the option to live and work entirely on their own whims and looks set to continue to dominate the online lodging market for many years to come.


DocuSign (NASDAQ: DOCU) is currently the world’s number one e-signature solution. It provides a succinct solution to a paperless office and offers an easily-navigatable workflow throughout this process. Being able to sign and manage important contracts and documents digitally is absolutely essential in an increasingly digital world, and DocuSign has made itself the default option for most businesses.

Despite disappointing revenue guidance in its most recent earnings call, the company still boasts impressive year-over-year (YoY) growth and strong customer retention rates. The company has enormous room to grow considering it currently only focuses on a core group of eight countries.

DocuSign is trusted by a number of the world’s largest companies to provide a near-essential service. As the world of work migrates further away from the typical office, DocuSign can alleviate a common pain point for many organizations through its simple yet robust offerings. Especially considering all the resignation forms and new contracts to be signed, DocuSign is certainly one to watch over the next number of years.

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