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4 Earnings Reports To Watch 08/16

The end is nearly in sight for Q2 earnings but there are still some big names about to report this week. Here are the ones to watch. 

So far, Wall Street has been impressed with financial results for Q2 across the board meaning investors are hoping for a strong finish from this week’s releases. 

With inflation rates looking steady and less U.S. citizens filing jobless claims, the economy is starting to slowly repair itself from the worst of the pandemic effects. Retail has gone through some of the largest disruptions caused by lockdowns, resulting in a forced switch to focus on e-commerce operations, this week’s reports will be watched closely. 

Some recently-listed firms are also reporting in the coming days so Wall Street will be keen to see how these firms have performed since their stock market debuts made a big splash this year. 

What earnings reports do investors need to watch this week? 

1. Home Depot 

As the pandemic forced people to stay at home, lots of Americans responded by spending more cash revamping their spaces. This trend was great news for Home Depot (NYSE: HD) with the stock up 20% over the past six months. Adding in a hot property market, investors are expecting an earnings beat from Home Depot this week. 

Analysts expect the home retailer to earn $4.43 per share on sales of $40.57 billion. This would represent a significant increase from earnings of $4.02 on $38.1 billion that Home Depot made in the year-earlier period.

Home Depot is reporting earnings for the second quarter on Tuesday August 17 before market open. Access the report here

2. Roblox

The popular gaming platform has become a cult-like favorite with young players since it launched in 2006. Roblox (NYSE: RBLX) was valued at $39.5 billion when it first listed on the public stock market back in March and shares have gained over 20% since then. As lockdown restrictions eased in many parts of the world in Q2, Roblox might have suffered as gamers switched to outdoor activities. 

Wall Street expects Roblox to post adjusted net income of $118.8 million, or $0.12 per share, on revenue of $691.9 million. For the year, analysts have estimated that revenue will reach $2.6 billion.

Roblox’s earnings call is taking place today, Monday 16 August, after market close. Following the release, you can find the report here

3. Robinhood

Robinhood (NASDAQ: HOOD) was one of the most hotly-anticipated IPOs of the year after the free trading app made headlines when it halted the trading of meme stocks. Just two weeks ago, on its first day of trading, the stock was relatively flat but is now up a whopping 44%. 

Analysts are estimating that Robinhood will post adjusted net income of $73.9 million, or $0.15 cents per share, on $521.8 million in revenue. 

Robinhood reports earnings for the second quarter after the close on Wednesday, 18 August. Read the report following the release here

4. Walmart

Walmart (NYSE: WMT) is last up on our list and investors are hoping for big beats from the retail industry leader. Despite Walmart’s sales soaring at the height of the pandemic, its competitors Target and Kroger have witnessed faster growth and higher earnings in the same period. Therefore, we can expect shareholders to question Walmart’s growth on the call if numbers don’t match up to its retail rivals. 

As vaccines continue to be administered, consumers have returned to in-store shopping which should have boosted sales for Q2. 

Walmart is expected to report adjusted net income of $4.4 billion, or $1.57 per share, on revenue of $136.8 billion. In the first quarter of 2020, the company posted earnings of $1.56 per share on sales of $137.7 billion. 

The retailer’s earnings call is scheduled for Tuesday, August 17, before the market open. Read the report after the call here

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