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Apple Aims For a Home Run with New Live Streaming Deal

Apple looks to move into the lucrative live sports streaming world through a deal with Major League Baseball in an attempt to rival Amazon.

The streaming wars are here to stay, and it’s not just the usual suspects involved anymore. Netflix and Amazon have both been in the game for well over a decade now, and newer challengers like Disney have risen up the ranks in recent years.

But now, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has decided to put a focus on streaming, and it could spell disaster for some. 

Apple pitches a fastball of its own

Apple has announced ongoing talks with Major League Baseball (MLB) to acquire the rights to its live weekday offerings. This deal, should it go ahead, would mark Apple’s first foray into the world of sports streaming and add some considerable weight to its Apple TV+ streaming service.

This comes just months after Amazon entered the sports streaming market through its agreement with the National Football League (NFL) to host its Thursday Night Football show exclusively.

As both of these companies and more scramble to attract eyes to their content, the addition of “America’s pastime” to Apple’s broadcasting suite will undoubtedly attract more people to its product. Once customers are on the platform it becomes much easier to convince them to stay and watch some original content.

The potential arms race that could now ensue between Apple and Amazon to lock up more and more live sports offerings will be extremely interesting for investors. Whoever wins this battle could see a huge boost to its streaming numbers.

Amazon will be hoping to maintain some of the dominance it has created over the past 15 years as a streaming service. Apple, only entering the industry in 2019, will be hoping to wrestle back some of the market share from the more established players.

The real winner might well be investors, as both companies continue to add customers and, therefore, all-important revenue.

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