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Is Nike Entering the Metaverse?

You wouldn’t normally associate an athletic apparel brand with a virtual world, yet according to reports, this could be Nike’s future

Yeah, I know, you’re sick of hearing about the fabled ‘metaverse’, and who can blame you? We talk about it a hundred times a day.

But we promise you’ve not heard a metaverse theory like this one before. 

Nike’s going virtual — maybe?

Will this be some sort of quasi-dictatorial virtual fitness world akin to the judgmental horror show that was ‘Wii Fit Island’? 

Probably not just yet — though I wouldn’t rule it out…

It seems like Nike is more interested in the virtual bling of the metaverse, having filed several new trademarks yesterday for virtual trading. This comes off the back of trademark filings for its famous swoosh logo as well as the “Just Do It” slogan. Including more filings for “Air Jordan” and “Jumpman”, a total of seven metaverse trademark applications have been made. 

And it makes a lot of sense. 

In the totally not-horrifying vision of Mark Zuckerberg’s world, we will all have virtual avatars that represent our ‘second life’ — a nod to ‘The Office’ — and of course people will want to be more exclusive. In preparation for this new era of mankind, Nike is getting ready to launch and start selling virtual clothing, headwear, shoes, and more in online and virtual worlds.

By controlling the distribution of its virtual brand, it opens itself up to the massive potential for revenue growth within the metaverse. Nike isn’t so alien to the virtual world as one might think either, having launched branded content in the online gaming phenomenon ‘Fortnite’ back in 2019 as well as partnering with Roblox on several occasions. 

It’s very early days yet, and nobody really knows how high this virtual world can climb, but it’s certainly worth watching out for any updates at Nike’s next investor event.

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