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Is Stripe The Next Big Thing?

Investors are obsessed with ‘the next big thing’, but when it comes to the growing payment solutions space, Stripe is worth fawning over.

There are few private companies in the world that elicit such excitement — or frustration — as Stripe does. 

But just why are investors so desperate for this IPO to happen?

How much is Stripe worth?

In its most recent funding round in February, Stripe raised a further $600 million. This left it with a private estimation of roughly $95 billion — 2.5 times what it had been valued at a year earlier. 

This makes it the second-most-valuable unicorn on the planet, behind China’s TikTok owner, ByteDance. 

Stripe employs around 300 staff in MyWallSt’s own backyard of Dublin, which acts as its international headquarters, and 3,000 globally across 14 offices, with operations in 43 countries. It also counts more than 50 companies that each process over $1 billion annually as customers.

But all of these big numbers don’t mean much to ordinary retail investors like you and me, who can’t get our hands on a slice of this lucrative, yet private, pie. 

But when is the IPO? No idea!

The Twitterazzi was fully convinced that Stripe would go public in 2021 given the fiery nature of newly-public companies over the past 12 months. However, no confirmation has been made, and though it is widely speculated that an IPO will take place within the next 18 months, if the company can continue raising such vast amounts of private money, there’s certainly no rush to go public. 

However, when Stripe does eventually float, you can be sure it will experience a feeding frenzy of prospective investors. After all, Stripe is at the cutting edge of the roughly $4.3 trillion global online commerce industry, with more growth on the horizon.  

If I could pick just one private company to invest in, Stripe would be it. But in the meantime, you can check out these three worthy, publicly-traded, competitors.

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