The Track Record Of One Of The World's Most-Successful Investors
Successful investing takes time and even the best stock investors in the world slip up; here's our founder Emmet Savage's record so far.
Sept. 15, 2021

MyWallSt went on a mission to get the world investing when founders Emmet Savage and John Tyrell set up the company. But why should you believe they can help you get on the path to financial freedom? 

Well, it comes down to the fact that Emmet Savage, our Chief Investment Officer, has lost it all before, learned the lessons, and can now pass on his successful methods to you. Along his investment journey, Emmet came up with 6 Golden Rules for investing success. He frequently tells the team:

"It would have been almost impossible to not beat the market by simply following our 6 Golden Rules." 

MyWallSt's best-performing pick, Shopify (NYSE: SHOP), is up over 3,278% and there are many other showstoppers on our shortlist. It wasn't all plain sailing though and the road to Emmet becoming the world-renowned investor he is today was rocky and full of lessons that have now allowed him to pass along. 

Emmet's journey 

Emmet started investing in 1995, during the run-up to the dot-com crash. This was a time you could pick any stock out of a hat and you could be 99% certain it would go up.

After four years of investing, Emmet had generated more money than anyone in his family could have ever dreamed of making. Thinking he was invincible, he thought this trend would only continue. 

But then, the bubble burst.

The stock market crashed and he lost everything in a matter of weeks.

Emmet had invested in some of the most disastrous stocks, including,, and eToys -- all of which went bust, along with all of his money. 

You might be thinking, how could anyone make a turnaround after that wipeout and now be so far in the green? Not only that, but how did this person start a business that encourages others to invest?

The answer is that he learned from his mistakes. Instead of giving up and thinking "hey this investing malarky is best left to those who can afford expensive financial advisors", Emmet found out what went wrong. He asked himself; 

  • What he'd overlooked when researching a stock or a company, 
  • Where did he ignore glaring risks, 
  • And most importantly, he asked himself why did he not diversify by choosing stocks in different industries. 

Turning these mistakes into lessons, he has gone on to be widely successful with picking stocks. Recently, Emmet and a data intern undertook some research to find out how the stocks he purchased from 1999 to 2017 have performed. They found that: 

  • 1,134% was the average gain of all his buys and 
  • 29,578% was the gain from his very first investment in Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX), Emmet's biggest winner. 

How to become a top investor 

Losing everything can teach you the best lessons about stock investing, but luckily for our subscribers, Emmet has already gone through it so you don't have to. Essentially, he has gone from a worthless portfolio to one that is worth more than everything else he has ever earned in his entire life. It wasn't easy though. It took lots of time, research, and effort to become a great investor. 

You might want to generate unrivaled returns too but you don't have the time. Well, you don't have to follow the same path as Emmet you just need to follow him now. 

If you don't have the time, or even the desire to do it alone, and you'd appreciate a shortcut or two on your path to financial freedom, we have just the solution. 

On Tuesday, we can help make your path to wealth smoother than Emmet's was, by advancing you to the part where you can identify wild card stocks and make wise decisions.

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