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Think Long-Term Team Blog Series: James

Hey I’m James, I’m from Kildare in the Irish midlands. I’m the Head of Head of Content and Publishing here at MyWallSt.

Hey I’m James, I’m from Kildare in the Irish midlands. I’m the Head of Content and Publishing here at MyWallSt.

Before working at MyWallSt I spent two years teaching in the Middle East after studying English in university.

My Investing Experience

I started investing four years ago when I first joined MyWallSt. I had been vaguely aware of the world of investing before this, but I had no clue where to start. Working at MyWallSt helped me to discover that you didn’t need a degree in finance or thousands of dollars to start investing, which was really encouraging.

Though I spend the vast majority of my week reading, writing, and talking about the stock market, I would still consider myself a novice investor in many ways. To my mind, being an investor means that you accept how little you actually know about the world around you and dedicate your time to learning more about it. This constant pursuit of knowledge and new ideas is one of the most attractive things about investing for me.

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My Investing Goal

My long-term investing goal is to have a significant nest-egg built up for future plans like buying a house or having kids.

My Favourite Long-Term Stock 

My favourite stock in my portfolio currently is Teladoc. Healthcare is an industry that is completely inefficient and I believe that companies like Teladoc are primed to disrupt it, providing easier access for everyone.  

My Investing Strategy

I use a dollar-cost averaging strategy, adding a set amount of money to my portfolio every month and distributing it out amongst the stocks I own. I like this strategy because it helps me to remove the emotion from my decisions. However, I usually tend to keep a little bit of cash in my account too in order to pick up bargains if one of the stocks I own gets sold off unfairly. 

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