What is Learn by MyWallSt?

Learn by MyWallSt is our teaching app that helps you demystify the stock market. Enjoyed by over 1,000,000 users and consistently featured by Apple, Learn provides you with bite-sized lessons that give simple and straightforward advice on investing. Each lesson harnesses time-tested investing techniques that are utilised by experienced and successful investors.

  • Get straight to point with our one-minute lessons.
  • Discover how to identify good investment opportunities for yourself.
  • Keep track of your progress with an easy-to-follow chapter structure.

An investment in knowledge…

Investing doesn’t always start with money. Before you jump in, why not invest in some knowledge with Learn by MyWallSt?

A Great Start

Really great app to learn, understand and set a solid ground knowledge on investment and finance with an approach on long-term goals.

Learning Made Easy

We guide you through the world of investing and give you the confidence to start. Track your progress with an easy-to-follow lesson structure and start to grow your knowledge.

This is all new to me and it's a little overwhelming. All the knowledge you've shared really opened my eyes and I feel much more comfortable.
Nick Stackhouse
5 Star Rating

Expert Advice

Each lesson has been written by MyWallSt’s investing team and is based on a long-term philosophy that has been used by some of history’s most successful investors.

Reading from a valid source gives the self-esteem and confidence boost to finally follow through with investing.
Nick Tomasguy
5 Star Rating

Audio Lessons

Every lesson is fully recorded and embedded within the Learn app so you that you can listen to some of the best investing lessons on the go.

Probably the best app for stock knowledge. Absolutely loved it.
5 Star Rating

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