Our mission is to get the world investing successfully

At Rubicoin, we want to help people take control of their financial future through investing.

I co-founded Rubicoin with my good friend John Tyrrell under the simple belief that anyone can become a successful investor once they have the right tools. Investing has been proven time and time again to be one of the best ways to build long-term wealth, and we both believe that this option should be available to everyone.

It’s not enough to just give people an app through which they can invest, however. There’s a difference between investing and successful investing. What sets Rubicoin apart from the rest is the fact that we also teach you about the patience, temperament, and overall approach required to become a successful investor.

Just one good investment can change your life. With Rubicoin, we offer that opportunity to anyone who wants to take it.


Our vision is to create millions of successful stock investors across the world by making the process beautiful, engaging, and enjoyable.

I graduated from university in 1996 with a degree in physics. At that time, the internet was beginning to take hold and investing in the stock market was easier than ever.

I got caught up in the hype and, in the process, somehow managed to do almost everything wrong. I bought shares on little more than rumor and speculation. I sold my positions just as easily. To cut a long story short, I didn’t heed the rules that some of the greatest minds of investing had developed and ended up putting myself in an extremely precarious position. I didn’t care though. My portfolio was on the up and it seemed as though this new era of investing meant that the returns on offer were limitless.

That is, of course, until the Dot-Com crash. In just a few weeks, my house of cards started to crumble and my years of returns were wiped out.

It hurt, but there was little else to do but pick up the pieces and see where I went wrong.

Once I had regrouped and reassessed my approach, I began to realize that what had happened to me wasn’t some massive anomaly in the system. The original rules of investing had simply prevailed. So I read everything I could get my hands on. I went back to university and studied finance, and then went back again to study business strategy. And within the countless books, magazines, investor reports, and business papers I read, I noticed a common set of rules shared by those who were consistently successful.

I decided to start again, but this time, I approached the market with a more considered and long-term view. Since then, my average annual return has been 24.4%.

In co-founding Rubicoin, I wanted to share the lessons I had learned early in my investing life with those yet to start. The short-lived success I experienced was painful at the time, but it was also invaluable in helping me to develop an investment strategy that has worked ever since.

Rubicoin’s apps don’t just provide you with a means through which you can invest. Instead, we give you both the means and the education necessary to become a balanced, long-term investor. Success doesn’t come overnight, but through a diversified and well-researched portfolio, it is certainly possible to grow your wealth exponentially over the course of ten to fifteen years.

With the two apps we’ve developed at Rubicoin, we guide our users every step of the way – from your very first lesson on investing, through to the purchase of your first stock, and on to the building of a portfolio you truly believe in.

Let Rubicoin be your companion along your investing journey.

Happy investing!

Emmet Savage
Chief Investor & Co-Founder

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