FML Fund My Life

FML: Fund My Life

Welcome to FML Fund My Life, a new investing podcast brought to you by MyWallSt.

Hosted by MyWallSt’s financial analyst, Anne Marie, and social media manager, Nicole – investing has never been this fun before.

Traditionally, investing and the stock market hasn’t been that welcoming for women — we hope to change that. This podcast makes investing seem approachable, easy, and something you can actually enjoy.

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Episode Three: The Simple Life of NFTs

We’re diving into the weird and wonderful of NFTs in the next episode of FML Fund My Life.

We chat with Alex, an Irish NFT designer who stood out so much in the community, Paris Hilton followed her on Twitter! (Hence the title of this episode!)

During the conversation, we also talk with Alex about why she and so many others in the NFT world remain anonymous.

On the agenda:

– How Alex got involved in NFTs,

– What are the benefits of these tokens for artists,

– Her NFT trading experience,

– The current NFT market and its dependency on cryptocurrency,

– And Alex shares some useful resources for learning more about the tokens.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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Episode Two: Becky With The Good Fund

Hello there, and welcome to episode two of FML!  

This show isn’t about Beyoncé and her love triangles, but rather how investing in companies you know and brands you love is a great investment strategy.

Up first, we chat about the Becky ETF, a social media viral sensation. The idea behind the fake ETF is to invest in companies popular with high-earning women in the U.S. since they control a high portion of female spending.  

Anne Marie created a fictional ‘MyWallSt x Becky ETF’ to see how the ‘basic’ stocks in our shortlist performed vs the S&P 500.

Plus we also discuss:

– Buying what you know and reflect on how our first stock picks were both products we loved,

– Nicole’s obsession with Olaplex and if it is a good investment opportunity,

– What stocks we would pick if we were to start our portfolios from scratch, 

– And lots more!

We hope you enjoy.

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Episode One: Shut Up and Thrive

Hello and welcome to FML Fund My Life, a podcast brought to you by MyWallSt.

To kick off the very FIRST episode, Anne Marie and Nicole call out some of the other names we considered for this podcast.

We also: 

  • Share our personal investing experiences
  • Name the first stock we bought and what lessons we learned from it
  • Tell the ‘Emmet selling his car for Netflix stock’ story
  • Discuss how much money we could have made if we started investing at 18
  • Give some insights into why women make great investors
  • Explain why a popular Wall Street stock is our first Girlboss of the Week. 

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