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Looking at the numbers, it’s sometimes hard to believe that MyWallSt is only 6 years old. But even though we’re still a relatively small team of hardworking investors and techies, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people on their journey towards becoming successful investors. But how did we get here?

Emmet and John First Meet

April, 2000

The first seeds of MyWallSt were sown when Emmet Savage hired John Tyrrell for a large international telecoms company based in Dublin, Ireland. A shared enthusiasm for technology and the stock market meant that they soon became great friends.

Who's Emmet?

Emmet is the Chief Investor and co-founder of MyWallSt. He has been investing in the stock market for more than two decades, with an independently proven annual return in excess of 24% for the last decade—over triple what the S&P 500 returned. Emmet has previously written for ‘The Motley Fool’ and has been included in the Irish America magazine’s ‘Top 50 on Wall Street’ list… twice!

Read more from our chief investor here.

Who's John?

John is the CEO and co-founder of MyWallSt. After completing a degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering, he began working as a head of network engineering in the telecoms industry. His mission in life is to achieve simplicity through technology. This, coupled with a love of investing, was one of the driving forces behind the founding of MyWallSt. John has also appeared on the Irish America magazine’s ‘Top 50 on Wall Street’ list.

Planting the seeds of MyWallSt

September 2008

Emmet and John wanted to share the lessons they had learned throughout their investing life with others, so they began conducting regular seminars under the brand name ‘BullSense’. However, they quickly realized that old-fashioned presentations weren’t the best way to teach people how to start investing. They knew that there had to be a more user-friendly way…


Taking the Plunge

January 2014

After months of reflection (and many late-night discussions), Emmet and John decided to leave their jobs and pursue the goal of bringing investing to everyone. Huddled together in a small attic room in Dublin City at the end of the holiday season (note the modest Christmas tree!), MyWallSt was officially founded in January 2014. At that time it was called Rubicoin - but more on that later.


The First App

September 2014

The very first hire made by the fledgling company was Alejandro Lopez, a freelance tech developer from Spain. With Alejandro, we set about designing and building the company’s inaugural app. This app would incorporate lessons on the stock market and the very first version of our 1% showroom of handpicked stocks. The app was released in September 2014 and Emmet had the proud distinction of being the first investor to buy a stock through the app. This was the very first investment he had been able to make through any mobile app… ever!


When One Becomes Two

February 2015

Shortly after the launch of the Rubicoin app, one of the first major decisions was made - a major redevelopments of the flagship app occurred—the splitting of the ‘Rubicoin’ app into ‘Learn by Rubicoin’ and ‘Invest by Rubicoin’. After much deliberation, we decided that future investors would benefit more from two apps that are geared specifically towards different stages of the investing journey.


Swinging Chairs and Sloping Floors

July 2016

In two short years we had quickly grown to a team of twelve (and one fantastic Intern - who was the tallest of all of us), meaning we had outgrown our humble office space, and were soon on the hunt for a larger office. 5 Merrion Row, a Georgian building with swinging chairs and sloping floors became our headquarters and is the epicentre of where all things MyWallSt occur today. Soon after we moved into 5 Merrion Row, we launched the Invest Plus subscription service, and by February 2017, we had hit 500,000 users across both apps.

Want to know a fun fact about our new office space?
It was in the attic room of this very building that Emmet and John huddled together in before officially founding MyWallSt in January 2014.

Hitting Milestones

January 2017

We reached the huge milestone of 1 million downloads just before the end of 2017. Which means over a million of you have started your investing life with us in countries all over the world.


Success Stats

January 2018

We opened January 2018 with a look back on the success of our stock picks for the first year that we had provided a subscription service.

It was a turbulent year for the stock market but we were delighted with the success of our Showroom of stocks that offered our users the best opportunity to become successful investors. Our Star Stocks had an average return of 37.32%* versus The Vanguard S&P Index: 19.10%*.

Our Stock of the Month selections had an average return of 28.96%** versus The Vanguard S&P Index 19.85%.

Our entire Showroom of picks had an average return of 26.46% versus The Vanguard S&P Index of 19.10%.

*2017 returns stats as of Jan 2nd 2018.
**figures are an average for the first 12 SOTMs, with the first one added 22.12.2016.


Another Exciting Year

December 2018

As we neared the end of 2018 we watched excitedly as our download numbers are about to hit the 2 million mark and we welcomed new members into our investing community. We had quickly grown to a diverse team of 19, aligned by strong company values and a consistent focus on you, our customer.


Time For A Makeover

January 2019

Remember we mentioned “Rubicoin” at the start? Well, in January, we made the decision to rename our business and flagship app to MyWallSt. As a team, we were delighted about this change because we believe that our new name encapsulates everything we stand for.

Our new name puts you at the centre of everything we do. It solidifies your importance to us and the importance of personally owning your investing life.
By using our apps and services, you are saying that this is My way of creating generational wealth, this is My mechanism to improve My future.

You are saying that this is My Wall St. Following on from our name change, we spent the past several months redesigning our brand identity to ensure that it exudes the values of MyWallSt and evokes the three words that best describes us: Dependable, Playful, and Expert.

Our new logo is personal to all of us as it puts you right at the centre of everything we do. Everything else — namely our market-beating expert advice and guidance — remains the same.


2020 and Beyond

January 2020

We ended 2019 with strong product development plans and 2020 kicked off to a great start.

MyWallSt on the web continues to go from strength to strength with complimentary products launching regularly, such as our Invest2020 Toolkit. Learn on desktop has enabled thousands of more customers to start their investing journey, and we launched our new Horizon product–a premium subscription service that provides an on-camera inside view into Emmet’s live personal portfolio.

As we look ahead to the remainder of 2020 we will continue to provide a market-beating investing service. We have a host of great new features planned for both the Learn & MyWallSt apps and very exciting things for all of us to look forward to.
In the meantime, watch this space for all company updates.
Here’s to creating a wealthier future you.

It’s your WallSt. Own It.


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