Meet Our Team

As a team, our mission is to get the world investing successfully. Every one of us is an investor, which means that we have first-hand experience on how investing has improved our financial futures, while also genuinely understanding the concerns of our customers. We’re dedicated to sharing the possibilities of success with everyone.

Our Co-Founders

(and good friends)

Emmet Savage

Chief Investor & Co-Founder

Emmet’s passion is the stock market. Emmet had his personal portfolio professionally audited and achieved a 24% annual return for more than a decade – that’s over triple what the S&P 500 returned. Emmet’s first stock was Dell Computers, but it's not his favourite anymore! That honor goes to Tesla, who are producing user-centric products for a global customer base. As companies go, Tesla’s journey has only begun. New cars and solar energy solutions will continue to keep this investment as future-relevant as they come.

John Tyrrell

COO & Co-Founder

John’s mission in life is to achieve simplicity through technology. He believes investing grows long-term wealth and wants to create the simplest technology solution so that investing can be for everyone. John’s first stock was ELAN pharmaceuticals but his favourite is Amazon. He considers whether companies will be bigger and better by the time his 8-year-old daughter attends college. Amazon continually grow their business ambitions to remain a stand out market leader. John believes they will do so for decades to come.


Alejandro López

Head of MyWallSt Labs

Alejandro’s favourite stock is Shopify. He likes the simplicity of the platform, especially the checkout flow for customers. He thinks that Shopify is becoming the standard in e-commerce and the company still has space for growth.

Aleš Kocur

Chief Product Officer

Ales’ favourite stock is Atlassian mainly thanks to their two products – Jira and Trello. The whole MyWallSt development team is powered by Jira and the rest of the company runs on Trello. There’s good reason why many companies do the same.

Ciarán O'Brien

Backend Developer

Ciarán’s favourite stock is Tesla. It’s clear to him that Musk is motivated by a pure love of engineering, and a desire to push the boundaries of what is possible. This leads to exciting, possibly world-changing products and technical solutions to improve life on the planet. This is what separates Tesla from other companies.

Fabian Steuer

Head of Data & PM

Fabian’s favourite stock is Stitch Fix. He likes how the company uses data science to revolutionise the clothing industry. Not being the most avid shopper on earth, he also hopes that he will never have to go shopping for clothes again once Stitch Fix has perfected its technology. Fingers crossed.

James Dunne

Head of Content & Publishing

James’ favourite stock is Take-Two Interactive. Although not an avid gamer, he can still remember how impressive ‘Grand Theft Auto’ was the first time he played it. More than fifteen years later, Take-Two continues to redefine the boundaries of virtual entertainment.

Jamie Adams

Content Editor

Jamie’s favorite stock is with chocolate makers Lindt & Sprüngli, or Lindt. They were suggested by a friend after discovering Jamie’s love of the chocolate, and now, as a shareholder, he happily receives a chocolate care package every year. He admires their ability to produce a high quality product at affordable prices. He also really loves chocolate.

Johnny Harte

Chief Financial Officer

Johnny’s favourite stock is Atlassian. Although not a techie (obviously), he appreciates how valuable their products are for software developers and project managers. Atlassian has also made some bold acquisitions over the years and the launch of Stride in 2017 saw them taking on Slack.

John Smyth

Chief Marketing Officer

John’s favourite stock is Slack. Slack is a big part of MyWallSt, where it plays a central role in running the team that’s spread across numerous locations and time zones. John’s belief is that the Slack platform will be the go-to team collaboration tool for businesses of all sizes for many years to come.

Julie Hassett

Head of Sales and Copywriting

Julie’s favorite stock is Teladoc. She believes patients want virtual appointments for ease of access and practices will require it because of a looming doctor shortage. Together, it’s the perfect match for a paradigm shift in healthcare and Teladoc is in a position to benefit greatly.

Laoise Leahy

Head of Brand and Customer Experience

Laoise’s favourite stock is Shopify. Having used various website development platforms for creative side projects the exceptional experience offered by Shop reinforced her belief in the long-term prospects of the brand. It’s one of the stocks she has re-invested in since first purchase.

Kate Duffy

Multimedia Designer

Kate’s favourite stock is Disney. Growing up, Disney was EVERYTHING to her and her friends, and it still peaks children’s interest today. She has watched Disney consistently change their products to keep up with the modern world and that, she believes, makes them a solid choice for investing in over and over.

Luke Brennan

Customer Experience Manager

Luke’s favourite stock is Disney. His love for Disney stems from both a deep sense of nostalgia and his excitement for the company’s future. Luke believes that The Walt Disney Company’s consistent innovation and content creation will ensure their place as a market leader for many years to come. Owning a part of a company that helped shape his childhood is something Luke holds dear!

Michael O’Mahony

Website Content Manager

Michael’s favorite stock is Square, which he sees becoming a massive player in the payments industry and a leader in the war on cash. It’s the first stock he ever bought and he believes it is part of a new wave of financial institutions that will come to edge out older banks in an industry poised for disruption.

Megan Mullen

Data Analyst

Megan’s first stock was Nike. Growing up playing tennis in Nike apparel, she has always loved the brand and believes it is a bedrock stock that she will continue to invest in for a long time. She is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina and has been with MyWallSt since the beginning of 2018.

Petar Slavic

Backend Developer

Petar's favourite stock is iRobot. He believes that autonomous robots will someday be a vital part of our everyday lives. He sees robots improving our lives by providing solutions to accessibility issues, rescue efforts, and protecting us from harmful environments. And robots are fun.

Roberto Garcia

iOS Developer

Roberto’s first stock was SolarCity. He likes the idea that he can own a part of a company who cares about the Planet and that the world could be improved by using sustainable power sources. When SolarCity was acquired by Tesla, this strengthened his belief in the company, as he admires Elon Musk explorations and initiatives.

Rory Carron

Head Analyst

Rory’s first stock was The Walt Disney Company. He wanted his first stock to be one he could pass on to his children. He believes that Disney has a fantastic portfolio of intellectual property and that the movies he watched as a kid will still have a place in the world decades from now.

Sammy Odenhoven

Head of Development

Sammy’s first stock was ING Bank, given to her by her grandparents (expert investors!). ING is a Dutch bank that is known for its innovation and superb digital products. Sammy believes that the financial industry can and will go through major changes in the coming years, driven by IT, a prospect that excites her!

Our Values.

The MyWallSt team works hard to achieve one common goal - helping people become confident and successful investors. We genuinely care about our customers and our products, and we're dedicated to ensuring that comes across in everything we do.


The first investment you make is in yourself. Invest wisely.


Have confidence and conviction in your abilities. Work smart, hard, work together.


We value trust and loyalty. Operate in collaboration with our community.


We're the best at what we do. Share the experience of investing with everyone.

Be Bold & Brave

Our difference is our greatest strength. Have the courage to explore all possibilities.

Have Fun

We're on a journey. Enjoy the pursuit.