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Can I Buy Shares In Dutch Bros?

Beating out fellow Oregon natives Nike and Columbia Sportswear for the state’s most successful IPO ever, Dutch Bros is finally public.

Pandemic, war, pestilence, the final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ — not one of these cataclysmic events is big enough to put a dent in humanity’s love of coffee.

This could explain how Dutch Bros (NYSE: BROS) managed to have one of the best IPOs of 2021 yesterday. 

How high did Dutch Bros’ stock fly?

It flew a lot, almost 60% on its market debut yesterday, outperforming fellow Oregon natives Nike and Columbia Sportswear with the success of its IPO. Dutch Bros raised $484 million, dwarfing the $146 million raised in 1980 by Nike (adjusted for inflation, of course). 

This performance is in line with the increased interest in grand slam IPOs as retail investors get more and more involved. 

However, that’s not to say Dutch Bros hasn’t earned its due. The drive-in coffee chain recorded sales of $327 million in sales last year, growing by 60% in 2020 as the chain added 71 new locations, all company-owned.

This growth comes amid mixed performances from the big kids in the coffee industry such as Starbucks, recently-public Peet’s, and recently-taken-private Dunkin’ Brands. Having been forced to shut their retail locations due to COVID-19, massive losses were incurred. 

Though it had its fair share of troubles, Dutch Bros’ drive-in business model was adaptable to such an environment and is also in line with the growing trend of consumers wanting quick and efficient takeaway coffee. 

It’s very early days, but Dutch Bros is planning an aggressive expansion strategy as well as growing its brand loyalty in the coming years, now that it is public. It aims to eventually have 4,000 drive-thru chains across the U.S.

Coffee lovers, this might be the hottest IPO since Starbucks, so stay tuned for more.

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