Meet Our Team

As a team, our mission is to get the world investing successfully. Every one of us is an investor, which means that we have first-hand experience on how investing has improved our financial futures, while also genuinely understanding the concerns of our customers. We’re dedicated to sharing the possibilities of success with everyone.

Our Co-Founders

Emmet Savage

Chief Investor & Co-Founder

Emmet’s passion is the stock market. Emmet had his personal portfolio professionally audited and achieved a 24% annual return for more than a decade – that’s over triple what the S&P 500 returned. Emmet’s first stock was Dell Computers, but it's not his favourite anymore! That honor goes to Tesla, who are producing user-centric products for a global customer base. As companies go, Tesla’s journey has only begun. New cars and solar energy solutions will continue to keep this investment as future-relevant as they come.

John Tyrrell

CEO & Co-Founder

John’s mission in life is to achieve simplicity through technology. He believes investing grows long-term wealth and wants to create the simplest technology solution so that investing can be for everyone. John’s first stock was ELAN pharmaceuticals but his favourite is Amazon. He considers whether companies will be bigger and better by the time his 8-year-old daughter attends college. Amazon continually grow their business ambitions to remain a stand out market leader. John believes they will do so for decades to come.

MyWallSt Team

John Smyth

Chief Operating Officer

John’s favourite stock is Nike. Being a huge sports fan, Nike has been an ever present brand throughout his life. He regards them as being the key innovators in sport over the last 50 years and believes that trend will continue for the next 50 years. He also regards the book ‘Shoe Dog’ by Nike’s co-founder Phil Knight as a fantastic window into the foundation of the company and its values.

Alejandro López

Head of MyWallSt Labs

Alejandro’s favourite stock is Shopify. He likes the simplicity of the platform, especially the checkout flow for customers.

He thinks that Shopify is becoming the standard in e-commerce and the company still has space for growth.

Anne Marie Kingsland

Financial Analyst

Anne Marie’s favorite stock is Costco. When the market is turbulent and tech stocks are volatile, Costco is always there to shore up a portfolio. A brick and mortar staple, this wholesaler has continued to grow in defiance of e-commerce, proving that great customer service and free samples are always worth the trip. The company also provides high wages and comprehensive health care to its entire staff, making it a stock you can feel good about owning.

Hazel Manks

Head of Finance

Hazel’s favourite stock is Nestlé. Not only for the chocolate but for Nespresso, her life line every day. She believes that the world will never have enough of either and Nestlé is a good solid reliable stock (as you would want any Head of Finance to be).

Luke Brennan

Head of Customer and Product Experience

Luke’s favourite stock is Disney. His love for Disney stems from both a deep sense of nostalgia and his excitement for the company’s future. Luke believes that The Walt Disney Company’s consistent innovation and content creation will ensure their place as a market leader for many years to come. Owning a part of a company that helped shape his childhood is something Luke holds dear!

Michael O’Mahony

Financial Analyst

Michael’s favorite stock is Square, which he sees becoming a massive player in the payments industry and a leader in the war on cash. It’s the first stock he ever bought and he believes it is part of a new wave of financial institutions that will come to edge out older banks in an industry poised for disruption.

MyWallSt Advisory Team

David Martin


David Martin is the Co-Chief Compliance Officer of Kingswood U.S., and the CCO of Benchmark Investments, Inc. and President of Benchmark Advisory Services, LLC. He was formerly the CEO of American Global Wealth Management Inc. Prior to that, David served as the Chief Compliance officer of Keystone Capital Corp for 10 years. David has worked in the financial industry for over 12 years and served on the FINRA District 2 committee as a small firm representative. David holds FINRA licenses 7, 24, and 66 and is insurance licensed.

Kristen Voigtsberger

Chief Compliance Officer

Kristen has over 25 years experience in the financial industry, in a wide variety of roles. She has acted as both Director of Operations and Chief Compliance Officer in the investment advisory sector. Her background includes trading operations, back-office management, and everything that falls under the Compliance umbrella. Kristen holds a FINRA Series 65 license.

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