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Does Curiosity Stream Scream Growth Potential As It Goes International?

Curiosity Stream is expanding its international footprint with several new distribution partnerships in Europe, South America, and China.

The little streamer you might not have heard of — yet. This micro-cap company does streaming with a twist, it’s going purely after audiences seeking out educational content. 

For our Irish and UK subscribers, it’s basically Sky’s documentary section combined with Ted Talks, bringing a library of knowledge to your doorstep in the streaming era. 

The streaming market in numbers

According to Deloitte, 82% of consumers are subscribed to a video streaming service, and on average, they have four paid subscriptions. As of 2021, the streaming market is valued at $71 billion but is set to reach $116 billion by 2026, or a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 10%.

Could it be the next Netflix?

Hold your horses — it’s got a long way to go until then. But you never know, Netflix might think about a partnership at least. Other companies have integrated Curiosity’s services already; Roku, Amazon Fire, Fubo TV, Sky, and Android TV are among the line-up, and it’s even available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Curiosity Stream (NASDAQ: CURI) might be a toddler in the streaming sector for now, but the company boasted triple-digit revenue growth in its most recent quarter, coming in at $18.7 million v.s. just $8.7 million in the year prior, and it expects total revenues for the fiscal year 2021 to increase by 80%.

Its latest landmark deals with major telecom providers see the company exploring new major territories too, including Columbia, Central Europe, Scandinavia, and China, opening up its content to millions of new viewers.

Not only that, but the company is targeting the creator economy through its partnership with Nebula, a platform with more than 140 active creators and 350,000 paying subscribers. The company has launched its own ‘Original’ content as well, attracting celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal, Kristen Bell, Samuel L Jackson, as well as YouTube superstar, Mr. Beast for its ‘Beyond The Spotlight’ series.

It’s a small fish in a large pond for now, but with the above deals in place, and competitively priced subscriptions starting from as little as $3/month, we could see a lot more from this little entertainment platform.

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