What Are ARK Invest's Top 10 Holdings In June?
In an innovative world, it is no wonder that these 10 interesting, yet diverse stocks form the top holdings for ARK's Innovation ETF.
June 23, 2021

ARK Invest's thesis is to seek out and invest in new, innovative companies that are disrupting traditional business sectors and bringing new technology into the mainstream. The company is headed by Cathie Woods, an inspirational and intelligent investor, under whom ARK has exploded in popularity. 

The most popular of her funds are the ARK Innovation ETF (NYSEARCA: ARKK) which does exactly what it sounds like -- it focuses upon companies that are developing or have developed disruptive technology that could potentially change the way the world works. This fund currently holds $22.28 billion in assets with its typical number of holdings varying between 35 and 55. Of those, the below list is a quick round-up of the top holdings in the ARKK fund.

ARK Innovation's top 10 holdings

All figures are accurate as of June 23, 2021.

Tesla (9.48%)

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is a very popular electric vehicle and clean energy company. Whilst the company has its many critics, no one can deny that this company has sparked a fire under the electric car revolution and has directly contributed to the growth in the number of clean energy cars on the road. 

Roku (6.15%)

Roku (NASDAQ: ROKU) manufactures a variety of different digital media player devices allowing customers to organize their multiple streaming services into one place. Roku has an advertising business alongside these media players which generates revenue in addition to the licensing deals it makes with other companies for its software. 

Teladoc Health Inc (5.90%)

A poster child of the pandemic, Teladoc (NYSE: TDOC) has seen its stock drop coming into 2021. Yet, this company is at the forefront of helping people receive healthcare without physically visiting the doctor. Although the pandemic will eventually dissipate, digital healthcare will remain a viable way for those in rural areas, or with autoimmune diseases to check in on their health. 

Shopify Inc (4.77%) 

The Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) has recently solidified its position as a rival to eBay and Amazon as it currently powers more than 1 million businesses around the world. Shopify was one of the first to foresee the omnichannel retail market for small retailers, introducing a POS system that helped owners build up a digital presence. 

Square Inc (4.57%)

Co-founded by Twitter's Jack Dorsey, Square (NYSE: SQ) is a financial services company that is currently rivaling the likes of PayPal and the big banks. Its software and hardware products help small and medium-sized businesses with financials, whilst its app is a new way for P2P payments to be carried out daily.

Zoom Video Communications (4.56%)

Having gone public in 2019, Zoom (NASDAQ: ZM), and its investors were perfectly positioned to benefit from its surge in popularity once the pandemic forced the majority of us to work from home. Zoom took an already existing business idea, but they perfected it, integrating many features seamlessly for a higher-tech peer-to-peer video conference experience. 

TWILIO INC (3.79%) 

Twilio (NYSE: TWLO) is a cloud communication platform as a service company that is based in San Francisco. With Twilio's applications, software developers can make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and embed video calls and messages into their products. You may have not heard of the company but you might have seen its services which are commonly used by companies to tell their customers that their flight is boarding, their table is ready, or their taxi is waiting. 

Unity Software (3.70%)

Unity Software (NYSE: U) is a cross-platform game engine that operates as a development platform. Unity facilitates the creation, operation, and monetization of video games and its goal is to give people the tools to create their own content. The firm has expanded to become "the world's leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D content" and by the end of 2020, it boasted 2.7 billion monthly active end users across several platforms.

Spotify Technologies (3.66%)

Spotify (NYSE: SPOT) has been a firm favorite of the ARKinvest fund as it is a continuously growing business that regularly boasts the majority share of the music streaming market. In addition, Spotify has been making a concerted effort to broaden and develop its podcasting business, signing huge pop-culture icons such as the Kardashians and 'Call her Daddy' host Alex Cooper. 

Coinbase Global Inc (3.47%)

The crypto exchange made its market debut back in April and became the seventh-largest new U.S. listing ever. Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN) is a U.S. firm that operates as a secure digital currency platform that allows its users to easily buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. The company also offers an advanced trading platform, custodial accounts for institutions, and a wallet that is popular with retail investors. 

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