Great portfolios are built on great foundations. 

At MyWallSt, we’ve helped launch the investing careers of over 4,000,000 people since 2015. 

We know how to pick great stocks and we know what it takes to build a market-beating portfolio. 

But the hardest step is often the first one. 

Since 2015, the question we get asked most often is…

“Which stocks do I buy first?”

To answer this question, we’ve created Foundations – a short, actionable e-book giving you our 13 essential bedrock stocks from which to start, or strengthen, your portfolio.

Foundations takes out all the guesswork, the what-about and what-ifs to guide you through those first stock-buying decisions and ensure you have a diversified and future-proofed portfolio. 

Each of these 13 portfolio pillars has been hand-picked by our team of analysts thanks to their strong brand, wide competitive moat and outsized growth potential over the next decade.

If you want to build a portfolio of market-beating stocks, but feel overwhelmed by the thought of picking which companies to buy with your hard-earned money, then Foundations is for you.

Instantly Accessible

There is so much analysis and information available on stocks today that it can be overwhelming, and in fact hold you back from making those crucial first steps as an investor. 

Foundations is written and designed to focus on only the information you really need to know. 

Cutting through all the noise, Foundations gives you a concise view of each stock’s competitive advantage and growth drivers, while also highlighting what you should look out for on an ongoing basis as an investor in that stock. 

Diversification Simplified

You’ve all heard about diversifying your portfolio, but how do you put that into practice?

The 13 bedrock stocks in Foundations have been hand-selected from across 8 of the S&P’s 11 key sectors for built-in diversity and to insulate you against future volatility. 

From Technology and Financial Services through to Utilities and Materials, Foundations takes out all the guesswork of future-proofing your portfolio. 

Proven Performance

These bedrock stocks aren’t just safe bets – they also deliver outsized returns versus the market and other investment opportunities. 

Each of the 13 stocks was listed on the MyWallSt Stock Shortlist, many as early as 2015 when MyWallSt was founded. 

Since the time we first picked them, these stocks have grown 175% cumulatively – and they still represent great value for the long, long-term. 

Start investing under the guidance of investing experts

Meet the MyWallSt team behind Foundations.


Chief Investor

Anne Marie

Stock Analyst


Stock Analyst

Time to start building your market-beating portfolio

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  • MyWallSt Foundations (worth $69) – the 13 essential bedrocks stocks to build a balanced, market-beating portfolio. 

  • MyWallSt Academy (worth $399) – get full access to our online course where master investor Emmet Savage teaches you his methodology for picking great stocks.

  • MyWallSt Investing Journal (worth $15) invaluable resource both as a sense-check before you buy, and as a source of reassurance afterwards. 

  • Extraordinary Stock Checklist (worth $15) – simple and effective worksheet for investors of any level who want to pick great stocks. 

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