At MyWallSt, we've helped launch the investing careers of over 4,000,000 people since 2015

And after so much success, we’ve put everything we’ve ever learned about the BEST way to begin into a single, formulaic blueprint you can use, starting today.

This brand new, all-in-one package of our most popular resources is called Launchpad

If you want to build a portfolio of market-beating stocks, but feel overwhelmed by the thought of picking which companies to buy with your hard-earned money, then Launchpad is for you.

Launchpad takes out all the guesswork and gives you a team of expert analysts to guide you through those first stock-buying decisions. 

After showing you their favorite stocks, they’ll also teach you how to pick your own favorites when you’re ready.

Inside Launchpad, you get two of our most successful programs:

  • MyWallSt Foundations: Containing 13 Essential Bedrock Stocks, our analyst team have selected the very best companies you should consider buying stock in when building your portfolio
  • MyWallSt Academy - An easy-to-follow master class on how to pick great stocks while avoiding potential losers. 

As a launch bonus, you’ll also receive the MyWallSt Investing Journal and our Extraordinary Stock Checklist, two of our all-time member favorites. Together, they are simple, actionable, highly-effective tools to turbocharge your investing process. 

Whatever your investing goal is…

It could be buying that house by the beach, paying off your college education, or reaching true financial independence… 

The most important thing you can do to meet that goal faster is to start growing your money in the stock market today

Launchpad is the catalyst that will skyrocket your investing career in just a short time. 

Here’s more on what’s included…

MyWallSt Foundations

Picking your very first stocks can be nerve-wracking. But not when you’ve got MyWallSt’s coveted list of 13 Essential Bedrock Stocks. These are what we call “Forever Stocks”, because you can buy them now and hold onto them for the long haul.

MyWallSt’s analyst team carefully selected each one based on its outsized growth potential over the next ten years. 

Not only do you get the names of and stories behind each company, we also show you the key things to pay attention to throughout the years that you own these stocks. 

When it comes to building a strong, balanced portfolio that will last a lifetime, this list of 13 Essential Bedrock Stocks is all you need to get started.

MyWallSt Academy 

Half the fun of being an investor is discovering new stocks on your own. With MyWallSt Academy, you'll learn how to separate the high-quality names from the hyped-up stories.

Emmet Savage, our Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer, takes you inside the methodology that has allowed him to create an exceptional portfolio across his 25-year investing career. 

You’ll come to understand important metrics like Price to Earnings Ratio and Earnings-per-Share. You’ll know how to use them to evaluate stocks at-a-glance. You’ll also learn how to analyze quality indicators such as a company’s leadership, its culture and competitive advantage.

To deliver all of this, we’ve taken three hours of self-paced instruction and broken it down into 18 easy-to-digest lessons. Once complete, MyWallSt Academy will give you the competency to begin picking your own stocks with confidence.

MyWallSt Investing Journal 

Emmet Savage considers his investing journal to be a key part of his growth and success over the years. So we created one you can use as you explore new stocks and make investing decisions day in and day out. 


The MyWallSt Investing Journal is the perfect tool for anybody starting out, or looking to become a more considered investor. By laying out all the key questions to ask yourself when making any trade, the templated pages help you through the decision-making process whenever you buy and sell.


It’s invaluable both as a sense-check before you buy, and as a source of reassurance afterwards. 

Great investing comes from building a great process – start building yours today with the MyWallSt Investing Journal.

MyWallSt Extraordinary Stock Picking Checklist 

The MyWallSt Extraordinary Stock Checklist is a simple and effective worksheet for investors of any level who want to pick great stocks. 


Picking great stocks is all about balancing rationality and emotion, cash-flow and culture, earnings and evangelists. 


However, even professional Wall Street analysts make the same mistakes and underperform because they don’t consider nearly 50% of the simple yet highly intuitive questions you’ll get access to on this one-of-a-kind checklist.


So if you’ve ever felt “lost” when it comes to how to properly research a stock, the Extraordinary Stock Checklist will be a game-changer for you going forward.

Start investing under the guidance of investing experts

Meet the MyWallSt team behind Launchpad.


Chief Investor

Anne Marie

Analyst, Bedrock Stocks


Analyst, Growth Stocks

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  • MyWallSt Foundations (worth $69) – the perfect companion to help you lay the foundations of a well-balanced, market-beating portfolio. 

  • MyWallSt Academy (worth $399) – get full access to our online course where master investor Emmet Savage teaches you his methodology for picking great stocks.

  • MyWallSt Investing Journal (worth $15) invaluable resource both as a sense-check before you buy, and as a source of reassurance afterwards. 

  • Extraordinary Stock Checklist (worth $15) – simple and effective worksheet for investors of any level who want to pick great stocks. 

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