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  • 10 for 10 Foundational Stocks Report - these are the 10 stocks that everyone should have in their portfolio. 10 complete icons 
  • Charging & Fearless Weekly Stock Pick - discover under-the-radar, global stock picks before they make front-page news, delivered straight to your inbox
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  • Everything you receive with Invest, in addition to the following...
  • Stock of the Month - A comprehensive monthly report focusing exclusively on the single stock in which we currently have the highest conviction, providing detailed analysis & insights.
  • Charging & Fearless Stocks Ranked - We take the previous month's picks and rank them in order of likelihood to succeed. This takes our weekly stock picks to a whole new level
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Knowing what to buy, how much to buy, when to buy and why is overwhelming, but it’s crucial if your goal is to have a portfolio full of extraordinary companies that beat the market year after year.

  • An inside look every time Emmet stock picks.
  • An invitation to join the Horizon Community, a group of highly-engaged, intelligent investors.
  • Access to Emmet’s Watchlist – candidates for the next great investment opportunities.
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Over 58,000 companies are listed worldwide. A handful will grow 100-fold. 
One can change your life Nexus is built to find it

  • Immediate access to 9 exclusive stocks primed for significant growth, with 7 more released in 2024
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  • Build financial success by finding tomorrow’s market leaders before the mainstream
  • Bonus Content including ranked analysis for all C&F stock picks and more


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Create long-term wealth, pursuing Emmet’s high risk, high reward investing approach. Build a high-growth portfolio based on a tried and tested investment strategy.

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I was a reasonably confident investor. But since joining, the shortcuts on research are saving me so much time. Now I’m closer to my goal of watching the cash roll in from my tropical island.


United Kingdom

I couldn't delay putting money to work any longer, and I am as unqualified as a person can be. I needed the "what", "when", and "how much". Horizon is precisely that, with a boatload of "why" thrown in.


United States

Before joining I just didn't know how to start investing. Since I've joined, I've learned Emmet's methodology and I can review a stock in minutes. This has helped me start my own portfolio… I just wish I started this earlier!



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